Again and Again takes place in cancerland, a world no one wants to visit. The novel’s story is told by Paula, a nurse, and Chloe, a 23-year-old with a terminal diagnosis. Chloe, fierce, fragile, passionate, generous and self-absorbed–yes, all those things–is determined to defeat her own death and to save four-year-old Colin, whose insurance company is refusing the treatment that can save his life. The two women and a handful of other patients embark on a quest that veers between comedy and tragedy. They help and encourage each other, weep and rejoice together, and refuse to give up a task that often seems impossible. After all, they reason, what do they have to lose? Again and Again is about illness, female bonding, love and fear, and the intense joy and vitality that can inform lives lived in the shadow of death.

Again and Again was inspired by Juliet Wittman’s experience with breast cancer: the vivid intensity of daily life when that life is threatened, the profound relationships among patients, and the anger, laughter, grief and moments of blazing insight these patients share.

Author Juliet Wittman grew up in London, and has lived in the United States through much of her adult life. An investigative reporter, theatre critic, and writing instructor at the University of Colorado, she taught writing classes on the topic of food for several years. Much of her thinking on the centrality of food to our lives, and the way it shapes thought and culture was inspired by her students’ personal stories.

Wittman has won journalism awards and published essays and short stories in literary magazines. Her memoir, Breast Cancer Journal: A Century of Petals, won the Colorado Book Award and was named a finalist for the National Book Award.

Advance reader copies of Again & Again are available for reviewers. PDFs are available online. For physical books and the password to the ARC pdfs, please contact Beck and Branch.