Beck & Branch is currently closed to submissions (except by invitation). However, we are happy to talk to authors and to other small publishers and literary studios to share information about the changing world of publishing.

If you would like information about the titles already published, please contact the authors through their individual websites or addresses, listed below. As our other authors’ books approach publication we will add their names and contact information below.

  • Beck & Branch at beckandbranch-at-gmail.com
  • Raul Ramos y Sanchez at RaulRamos.com
  • John Thorndike at johnthorndike.com and jjthorndike-at-gmail.com
  • Juliet Wittman at jwitts-at-aol.com
  • Rebecca Coffey at RebeccaCoffey.com
  • Family Friendly Science at beckandbranch-at-gmail.com
  • Science Bits at beckandbranch-at-gmail.com